Monday, February 9, 2009


I feel so helpless at the moment,with so much destruction around the state and with in my local community, it feels wrong for me to be going about my normal every day life. I found out today that a friend of mine lost their house in the fires on the weekend and i cannot describe the anger that i feel towards to person/people who decided to purposely light a fire on what was already know to be one of the most dangerous days weather wise this year. There will not be a punishment suitable for the magnitude of damage they have caused, the loss of life and property, the time and efforts of everyone involved with fighting the fires and dealing with the aftermath of it all.

Luckily, no one i know has be killed by the events, most people i know have managed to save their properties, or may have only lost a shed or two. There is only one person i know of personally to have lost their home.

There is nothing i can do to help except donate money or goods, but that just doesn't seem like enough, it seems so wrong for me to be doing my normal stuff when people around me have had their lives ripped apart.

well, my piece has been said, i will keep looking for ways i can help, but in the mean time i have to continue on with my own life and do the normal everyday things and be truly thankful that i still have my life and property.

My heart and thoughts go out to anyone who has been affected by this disaster.



Margaret2007 said...

Oh my goodness Wendy!!! I saw a news report on it this morning and thought of you so checked in on your blog!!!! So scary!!! The pix really tell the story too.

I am praying for the Lord to hold His protective hand over you and your family...and for the fires to END!

Stay safe,

Cynthia said...

Wow Wendy,

I can't even really imagine. I am glad that you are safe & pray you will stay that way.

Take care,